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From "Felciano, Ramon" <>
Subject Autoconf-like features in Ant (or elsewhere)?
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2000 02:04:50 GMT

Hi --

I realize this is probably beyond the scope of Ant, but I'm wondering
whether there are any plans for configuration testing features to go into

- Checking versions of installed software (JDK, Apache, MySQL, etc.)
- Checking versions of installed schemas (MySQL, LDAP, etc.)
- Checking settings in other config files (httpd.conf, etc.)
- Checking access controls (Web or DB login privileges, etc.)
- Checking basic hardware attributes (file system privileges, free disk
space, etc.)
- Checking JARs in classpath
- Updating properties files based on certain install-time checked values

This is not traditionally in the realm of build-tools. However, it seems
like many of the existing configuration tools (autoconf, metaconf) focus a
fair amount of energy in reconfiguring source code files based on
configuration-specific settings in order to build a particular piece of
software that will run in that configuration. Much of that is taken care of
for us by using Java in the first place, so I thought some of the remaining
tasks (as outlined above) could be rolled into Ant or a similar tool.

Are there any plans to add features like this to Ant anyway? How do you
folks deal with these issues today? Are there other tools out there that
address this need in a Java-savvy way?

Thanks for your time!



Ramon M. Felciano
INGENUITY Systems, Inc.

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