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From Jonathan Gray <>
Subject JspC task
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2000 17:23:16 GMT
I have been working on a <jspc> task, most of which is a copy-and-paste from
both <javac> and <wljspc> tasks, which supports jasper.jspc and should
eventually support the weblogic.jspc compiler.  However, a few issues have

I am trying to emulate the Tomcat JSP compilation process as closely as
possible and as such, when scanning the destination directories for JSPs
which have already been compiled, I am replacing all underscores with their
Unicode equivalent '0005f' which Tomcat seems to do with all of the .java
and .class files it creates in its web application tomcat/work directory.  I
am not sure whether I should be doing this as I don't know whether it is
standard behaviour across both Jasper and WebLogic jspc compilers.

Also, the weblogic.jspc compiler also has the ability to then compile the
generated java classes to check whether they compile. jasper.jspc does not
provide this option so it would either mean leaving this second phase of
compilation for a separate Ant task or have the two-phases built-in to the
jspc task.

Also, what are the chances of having this task, once complete, included in
the standard Ant distribution?



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