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From Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
Subject Licencing [was RE: GUI for Ant]
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2000 19:22:57 GMT
One thing I noticed on all this discussion is the fact that the FSF has all
this pages advising people on the use of their licensing model and to avoid
licensing using ASF. On the other hand I have not seen any pointers to
similar analysis on telling our side of the story and telling the
advantages of ASF style licenses in particular with Java.

I can understand why misinformed people will finish using GLP, because they
go and read around and nothing is telling them what they loose with GLP or
gain with ASF.

I think every jakarta/apache project should have in their home page a
pointer on "how to create OSS projects that use this work" in which we
explin to people to use ASF (or to not use GLP unless you understand you are
limiting who can use your stuff).

And we should also explain that LGPL is useless for java projects.

Jose Alberto

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> From: Michael Stanley []
> Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2000 7:50 AM
> To:
> Subject: RE: GUI for Ant
> > Walker Joe writes:
> >
> > However all this debate without comment from any Anthill 
> authors seems a
> > little fruitless.
> I disagree.  I think this is a serious issue and needs to be 
> discussed.
> Anthill is simply an example of such an instance.  However, this
> incompatibility problem comes up and will continue coming up if not
> generally understood and resolved.
> From my outtake of this conversation, I've drawn the 
> conclusion that its
> impossible to marry or mend code of separate projects.
> This however I see as being a huge limitation on Open Source 
> Software in
> general.  This is stating that if I want to use Apache tools 
> (such as Xerces
> or Ant for instance) for a particular project that is GPL and 
> this project
> has special needs that require some code modification, I can not do it
> "Legally".  Or more importantly, I couldn't distribute them together.
> Doesn't this contradict some of the major, adherent benefits of OSS?
> Michael Stanley

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