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From Michael Saunders <>
Subject Factory method needed for Javac taskdef?
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2000 14:12:27 GMT
To all:

I was noticing that the Javac taskdef is slowly expanding to include more and
more popular compiler types. Is it possible that this indicates the need for a
factory method responsible for fetching the compiler of choice and then sending
messages to it through a simple interface containing a method like doCompile()?

Does anyone have any ideas how one might load a factory for a taskdef such as
Javac? I wonder if some kind of general Factory taskdef could be developed to
install a factory for the Javac taskdef and possibly others that had similar
needs but different interfaces. Or maybe it should simply be a fully qualified
class name given as an attribute to the Javac taskdef where Sun's implementation
is the default if one is not specified.


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