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From Peter Nordlund <>
Subject Problems with the javac task.
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2000 09:16:01 GMT
Hi all,

I had some serious problems when compiling some code.

I had quite a lot of broken code which didnt compile that
I was about to merge with some other stuff ................

I also had at least SOME code that compiled in the same tree.

When I used jdk 1.3.0 from ibm I got NOTHING output in my
destination directory. When I switched to jdk 1.2.2 from sun
I got the working files output to the destination directory as expected.
I didnt manage to create a small example which illustrates the behaviour
described above.
Has anyone got a clue to what is going on?
Below follows a little example that at least point out one strange
behaviour with the javac task. I would expect the following to not
compile, since the file should not be compiled.

class A {}

class B extends A {}

class BB {}

<project name="test" default="compile" basedir=".">

<property name="bk.excludefiles" value="**/SCCS/**" />

 <target name="compile" depends="">
   <javac srcdir="." destdir="."
           debug="off" optimize="on" deprecation="off"

peternl:inc-exc>>which javac
peternl:inc-exc>>ant compile
Searching for build.xml ...
Buildfile: /home/petern/java/anttests/inc-exc/build.xml

    [javac] Compiling 2 source files to


Total time: 1 seconds
peternl:inc-exc>>ls *.class|wc -w

So although ant says that 2 files are compiled, it compiles 3,
which I think it shouldnt.

I was using
 ant/2000-09-20 on a RedHat 6.2 machine.


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