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From Dirk Weigenand <>
Subject Re: Reading from CVS
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2000 15:59:42 GMT

Walker Joe wrote:
> Does anyone know if/how to get Ant to checkout from CVS when you are behind
> a corp. firewall?
> I've been given the chance to do some devt on ant at work, but the only
> outbound holes in the firewall are 80 and 443 (and perhaps (indirectly)
> SMTP). Any ideas?

There has been a patch to CVS to do this. The idea was to to tunnel this over
port 80 i believe.

I don't have details handy but what prevented me from using it was that the
requirement was that the CVS server listen on one of the above ports (don't
quote me on this ;).

Have a look at cyclic's home page. You should be able to find it from there.

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