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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Copydir question - empty directories...
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2000 22:28:10 GMT
Maybe this was covered and I missed it, but...

I recall that zip and jar were fixed so that they
didn't skip empty directories. Well, the same problem
exists in copydir - it skips empty directories.

For some situations, that may not be an issue.
But when you are preparing a directory tree for
a product distribution, and there are empty directories
in the tree that must be preserved, this problem

Example- you have a log directory for you app
to dump log files. Initially it is empty.
The distribution package should create the empty
directory. Well, we have that empty directory in
our source controlled model tree, but when I copydir
to create the distribution, all the empty dirs
are gone.

Has anyone already addressed this before I start
looking at zip and jar and trying to figure out
what to do to fix it in copydir????

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