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From mcclain <>
Subject TerseLogger
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 20:02:24 GMT
Hi all.

I'm new to this whole open source thing, but i've been using ant for a
bit, and it doesn't play well with vim's emacs output parsing stuff, due
to the extraneous stuff tacked on ahead of and before the compiler
output.  instead of bitching, i wrote a and made a
patch based on the 9.19 nightly, both of which are attached.

one architectural thing i should mention, is that i was somewhat annoyed
by the necessity of having to pass this in from the command line, but
after taking a peek at the init code, the project data is not parsed at
the point that the log listeners are added.  imho, log listeners should
be added after the project data is populated, so they can be specified
in the build.xml file.  ant related config file errors shouldn't wind up
in my editors parser anyway.  in general, there seems to be alot of
extra text being tacked onto the compiler output *outside* of the
logging system (name of config file, "build.xml:24: Compile failed,
messages should have been provided." etc), which makes trying to alter
the logging system kind of a pain, since chances are you don't want that
info. my $.02 on that.

a note on the patch: it seems to me alot of people might like to
subclass DefaultLogger instead of implementing the somewhat onerous
BuildLogger interface, so that's why the visibility change.  at least
make an adapter or something.

cheers, and thanks for making ant.

M. Looney
Lead Programmer
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