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From John Lacey <>
Subject Re: A Todo filter
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 05:29:16 GMT
Jason van Zyl wrote:
> Would anyone be interested in an ant task that
> would pass through a set of source files and
> create a project wide TODO list. [...]
> /*!
>  * @desc An Exception should be thrown here
>  *       instead of triggering a NPE.
>  * @priority 1
>  */

I like this idea a lot. (I don't know of anything like it.) I
wonder a little why it needs to be an Ant task, though. Couldn't
it be a stand-alone program, and then either use a java task or
*maybe* a small wrapper task to call it from Ant?

You seem to be using a ! to indicate these comments. We happen to
use ??? though I don't remember where I picked that up, and FIXME
is also popular. In other words, I think that a configurable
indicator would be needed to make this widely useful. 

(As an aside, sometimes we put the indicator at the end of the
comment instead of the beginning. I could trained to avoid that.
;-) )

Both C and C++ comment styles should be handled.

I don't know what to think of the javadoc-style tags. It makes me
wonder if doclets couldn't be used to implement it, though maybe
that only works with doc comments? If I used the tags I'd like to
be able to define my own fields. For example, here it would be
nice to be able to supply the corresponding bug id for Bugzilla
when there is one.

Maybe produce an XML output file that one could use XSLT or
whatever on to produce the desired final result?

John L

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