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From Jesse Glick <>
Subject Re: Some thoughts about ant plugins
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2000 15:54:11 GMT
Paul Philion wrote:
> (I'm not familiar with the "Class-Path: xxx.jar" global attribute. Can
> you point to some docs? Thanks.)

Look in JDK docs under Java Extension Mechanism, then Overview, then
Download Optional Extensions. The neat thing is that the class loader
does the job for you if you use the standard syntax. For example,


Now e.g. if scripting.jar's manifest lists:

	Class-Path: ext/bsfstuff.jar

then this JAR will be added to the URLClassLoader if and when it is
needed. However I'm not sure if this works in JDK 1.1, so pre-1.2 users
might have to manually adjust their classpath. Or the task classloader
could do a simple version of this stuff manually when on a 1.1 VM (but
let URLClassLoader do its job otherwise).


Jesse Glick   <>
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