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From Peter Nordlund <>
Subject Wishlist of make like features.
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2000 07:44:14 GMT

There are a few useful features from make that I miss in ant.
I will just mention them to start a discussion to see if there is any

* 1.
make -k: Keep going when some targets can't be made.

* 2.
make -n: Dry-run. Don't actually run any commands; just print them.

* 3.
Concerning log output:

I find it a bit difficult to control the amount of output that I
want from ant.

I (personally) most of the time would like to see all commands
excecuted . E.g. for a javac task, I would like to see
the classpath used, is debug on or off, etc.?
I guess that is a bit similar to makes default behaviour.

If I run ant with -verbose, I get far to much information.
All this info may be good when you are debugging your ant code,
but for regular use I think it is too much.

In make, when you put a @ before a command, this command will
not be echoed to stdout.
Maybe a property could be added to the ant tasks, something
like: verboselevel="[0-9]" which could control how much
info this particular task outputs.

When I run ant in the following style:
ant compile > /dev/null.
I think that a build failure should show up on stderr, but as it
is made today, the build failure goes to stdout i.e. to /dev/null.

Best regards,

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