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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: GUI for Ant
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2000 09:49:38 GMT
At 07:39  26/9/00 +1200, you wrote:
>I know it is going off topic, but I do not understand one thing:
>> With BSD based libraries (which Apache is) you are
>> free to do anything with library as long as you acknowledge "This contains
>> code form Apache Software Organisation"
>> Now projects like Anhill and jBoss have authours who release under the
>> GPL. However as the authors choose to brake the license themselves:
>> Anthill will include ant or use ant which brakes GPL
>  ----------------------------------------------------
>Why?   It can technically not use "ant" as such, but will use "ant
>codebase", under the Anthill project.

It is not APL that is stopping it but the GPL.

>Imagine, If GPLed Anthill project takes the current ant codebase, and puts
>it into the Anthill project saying "Anthill contains bits from Apache Ant
>project now", and this new Anthill (with ANT) is called anthill2, and the
>authors said "Antill2 is GPLed", it simply means, that whatever changes
>somebody did to Anthill2 (or in particular Ant codebase from
>Anthill2) must be given back to community, whereas any changes to the
>original Ant are still under ASF License. 

That is impossible because code contributed to Ant is copyright to ASF and
unless they give you permission to do so it is illegal to relicense it. I
doubt whoever runs apache would give anthill or any other project chance to
relicense ant thou.

> It seems to me, that I cannot
>GPLed original Ant, but I can put ANT into my GPLed project and change it
>as I want, and GPLed it (or even close-source it). 

You can close source it - ie not release modifications but you can not
relicense it - they are different ideas. GPL projects can not and must not
mix with non-GPL code unless it is a system service available on most OS.
As GPL was designed pre-java many of these connotations are not applicable
as java is no OS as such - unfortunately that means GPL and any other
licenses (whether they be mozilla based, bsd based or any of the various OS
based licenses) will not play with java.

>I cannot ASF license
>Anthill (or its codebase) but I cannot see any reasons why I cannot GPLed
>Anthill with sources taken from other GPL and BSD projects.

Basically because of GPL. GPL does not allow it in any shape or form - one
of the hassles of GPL :( - email RMS if you are in doubt, he will usually
reply within a few days. 

APL does not allow relicensing and you would need to do that to GPL it - so
you are SOL unless Apache GPLs everything (not likely) or you can get
whatever GPL parts you are using to be dual licensed or else not be GPL.



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