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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: GUI for Ant
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2000 08:26:41 GMT
At 06:27  25/9/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Conor -
>This "incompatible license" issue has come up in a lot of different areas.
>Is it due to people just randomly choosing an open source license or are
>there significant differences that other authors are specifically interested

Go have a look at GNU pages re GPL and LGPL application to java. Because of
javas linking modle GPL == LGPL with java. That is the reason why no LGPL
GNU java libraries exist. All GNU libraries exist under a LGPL license with

As to why authors choose a different license it is because they want
different freedoms. With BSD based libraries (which Apache is) you are free
to do anything with library as long as you acknowledge "This contains code
form Apache Software Organisation" - GNU saids you are free to do anything
with code as long as you release modifications to the people you distribute
the product to. So if you give Bob a binary you have to also give bob
source if he asks for it.

Now projects like Anhill and jBoss have authours who release under the GPL.
However as the authors choose to brake the license themselves (Anthill will
include ant or use ant which brakes GPL and jBoss uses JMX and other
libraries) they are really not doing the GPL any good. RMS (one of the main
people who supports free software) considers projects like Anthill and
jBoss to be one of the greatest threat to GPL. Ignorance or ignoring legal
implications devalues the GPL as a commoditity etc and he has spoken out
against many such projects a lot recently.

So while Anthill is not GPL (cause if it was it couldn't use Ant) it can
never be mixed with APL stuff (or any other non-GPL stuff). 

So while the project may turn out decent I will put every effort into
discouraging use of it as it violates the GPL and is technically not legal.



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