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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: A Todo filter
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 07:00:30 GMT
Just in case you want to know we used to do this at a place I used to be at
- we had specials tags for


Each one was meant for things we had to go back and eventually change. We
embedded the authours initials at the end of the line so we could identify
who put it in there. The comments were rarely large because it was mostly
obvious from the context in which they were written.

So examples would be

//TODO: Need extra error checking here (PD)
//FIXME: Make sure variable Y is valid and has feature X (JC)
//HACK: Ugly hack needs to be removed once subsystem X is written (PR)
//FUDGE: Too lazy to do properly fix if it is accepted (MD)

We use to run a perl script over the top of it to get all such lines and
rate and assign them to people. Worked fairly well and was relatively useful. 



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