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From Diane Holt <>
Subject <echo>'s new output-to-file adds extra spaces
Date Sat, 30 Sep 2000 20:55:29 GMT
Using the new file attribute for <echo> along with the append, ends up
having the appended text shifted over from the margin. Given this target: 

    <target name="testecho">
      <echo file="foofile">This is the initial text.
      <echo file="foofile" append="yes">This is additional text.

Results in:
[binky] cat foofile
This is the initial text.
      This is additional text.

Note my system prompt is also shifted over. That's because (and is also
why the appended text is shifted), the initial <echo> to the file looks
like this (in 'vi' with :set list):

This is the initial text.$

After the append, it looks like this:

This is the initial text.$
      This is additional text.$

I tested FileWriter() to see if that was the extra-spaces culprit, but it
doesn't appear to be -- so I'm thinking maybe it's the way message is
being put together?



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