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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Can no longer turn off adding runtime in
Date Sat, 30 Sep 2000 06:57:49 GMT
The change to between rev 141 and 142 has caused me to no
longer be able to just set that boolean (passed to getCompileClasspath())
in doJikesCompile() to false and have adding run-time libraries turned
off. The change was:
<             fs.setIncludes(dirs[i]+"*");
>             fs.setIncludes("*");

I guess it's because it's dealing with the extdirs stuff, but I can't say
I really understand all that it's doing -- I just know the affect the
change had (I swapped out the two different versions several times just to
be absolutely certain that's what it was, and it was).

Since I need to modify everytime I pick up new builds anyway,
remembering to change it in two places instead of one shouldn't be that
much harder (having to do it all is kind of a pain, but I don't know what
else I can do), but I thought I should at least point out the affect that
change had.



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