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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Setting compiler flags?
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2000 01:37:44 GMT
I'm a little confused about how you specify which compiler flags you want.
It looks like some of them are set using properties, and others are set by
specifying an attribute to the <javac> task:
  <property name="build.compiler.emacs" value="yes"/>
  <javac debug="yes" ...

I've just been thru the doc and sorted it out as best I could, and went
thru adding a depend="yes" to my <javac> tasks, only to have it tell me
that <javac> doesn't support the depend attribute -- index.html says it
does :(

I want to end up with:
  jikes -g -nowarn -depend +E ...
I can get everything but the -depend, using the build.compiler.emacs and 
build.compiler.warnings properties and the <javac> debug attribute. I
would also like to try the +F (fulldepend) to see how that goes, but I
can't get it to recognize it (it doesn't bomb, it just ignores it [when
set as a property -- it will bomb if you try it as an attribute]). Ditto
for -O (mostly just curious -- not sure what optimized would mean in Java

Any help greatly appreciated,


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