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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Copying file lists
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 09:05:52 GMT
--- Stefan Bodewig <> wrote:
> You know <copydir> has an includesfile attribute?

Once I re-looked it up in the doc (I'm sorry, I've just been working way
too hard the past 2 weeks...I'll try to be better about RTFM'ing). And
going with includesfile is the route I finally took. It takes 1min 42sec
to figure out it needs to copy all 2088 files in the list and to copy them
over (a re-run takes 43sec to scan and determine all is up-to-date). Not
horribly slow, and considerably faster than when I had wild-card includes
and lots of excludes, but definitely not as fast as the <copyfile>s were
at 12sec to do all the copies (and no pattern scanning), and I think
around 3sec to determine all were up-to-date.

>  DH> -- or, I would need a way to tell <copydir> "Don't the scan
>  DH> directories, just pick up the files in the list" (maybe
>  DH> scandir="false" ?).
> You mean something like "my list holds no patterns so don't bother
> with matching, trust me"? Is this a common case (I know you need it)?

That would be good -- maybe patterns="no"?

I can't really say how common the need would be -- I just know I need to
control what gets into the build-output tree (no foofiles), so a
list-driven copy is the safest way to go. I could control what gets picked
up out of the output tree, but then I've got all those extra copies going
on on files I don't need it done on. And, really, I'd like to be able to
use the same build system to pick up out of the output tree as I do
getting things into it, rather than having separate utilities/processes to
maintain (ant is hopefully getting rid of close to 200 really bad
shell-scripts :) -- so somewhere along the line I'd like the build tool to
be able to deal with it.



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