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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Jesse Glick offers the <doh!> solution to the non-package files issue
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 03:43:32 GMT
I'm so used to making sure I -don't- include the full path to the source
files in the srcdir attribute that it never occurred to me to do that for
this case, until Jesse suggested it. <doh!>  I'm happy to say I've
implemented that suggestion, and it works perfectly fine. So the way
<javac> works is fine the way it is <yay!>.

For the record (might as well take this opportunity to find out whether
the way I coded it was goofy or not, maybe get some pointers :), here's
how I had changed (I've scrunched up the indenting here just so
the lines don't hit overflow [I don't have any fancy font capability with
this mail]):

[binky] diff
< private boolean flatten = false;
< // Allow for destDir to be only what was specified
< public void setFlatten(boolean flatten) {
<     this.flatten = flatten;
< }
< File classFile = null ;
< if (flatten == true )
< {
<   String filename = files[i].substring(0,files[i].indexOf(".java"));
<   classFile = new File(destDir,new File(filename).getName() + ".class");
< }
< if(classFile == null) {
<   classFile = new File(destDir, files[i].substring(0, 
>                           files[i].indexOf(".java")) + ".class");
<  }
> File classFile = new File(destDir, files[i].substring(0,
>                              files[i].indexOf(".java")) + ".class");

I'd wanted to use an "else" on the "if flatten...", instead of a second
"if", but for some reason I couldn't get that to work... but maybe that
was earlier on -- before I figured out you need to declare classFile
outside of the conditional (or so it seems anyway). I also tried just
having "if(flatten)" without the equals true, but that didn't seem to work
either (but that might have also been earlier on).

Thanks -- and thanks again for all the input, and the final solution,


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