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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: dependency problem with javac task
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 13:01:33 GMT

> perhaps one could create a new task that - using at least the
> "import"-Statements
> to build something like a "compile-queue"? But as far as I see
> that's just a

I made a submission long ago which analyzed the class files to determine
class dependencies. It is generally simpler than parsing and more reliable
than relying on import statements. It was used to build a dependency file. I
modified javac to take this dependency file into account. There was also
another proposal which modified javac to perform a similar analysis directly
all the time.

In the times this has come up subsequently, it has not had a lot of support.
There is an argument that the Jikes compiler can do the depenedency analysis
and even if it didn't, using Jikes to do a clean compile would be faster
anyway :-) I don't use Jikes a lot so I can't really say about that.

I can probably resurrect this code but it does add a reasonable amount of
code to ant (for the class file handling and analysis). What level of
support is there to see this, perhaps as an optional task (to generate the
dependency file)?

> Is there a switch in javac (or jikes) that can resolve this kind
> of problem?
> I haven't found one?

-Xdepend on the oldjavac but this is not supported by the new javac in
JDK1.3 and is renowned to be unreliable anyway. I am led to believe the
Jikes option works well.

> Ciao,
> Christian


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