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From "Nico Seessle" <>
Subject Commandline-Handling for external compilation
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2000 08:59:53 GMT
I want to get back on this topic as it's still unsolved and I think it
should be before Ant 1.2 (will people complain less "Ant will not work for
me if I compile this many files").

The problem:
Different OS accept different max. length for the commandline passed to an
external compiler. If Ant knows it's going over this limit it will use a
temporary file and pass this file to the compiler via @tempfile. Currently
this is only handled for Windows.

Currently known limits are:

Windows 32k (only 4k if a directory change is required and JDK < 1.3)
Linux about 100k (including environment)
AIX  about 20k (including environment)
POSIX Standard seems to be 4k

I can currently think of three ways solving this problem:

1. Always use a limit of 4k
2. Always use a limit of 4k except you know the OS you are currently running
on has a higher limit and hard-code this in Javac (will require a change to
the source for every 'new' OS)
3. Read the known limit's from a property file and check against these
4. Option 1 and allow people to override using a property if they know
5. Option 2 for 'most often used OS' and allow people for their own OS if
they know better
6. Don't change it (not really a 'solution')

What do you think?


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