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From "Gero Vermaas, Sun Java Center" <>
Subject [NEW TASK](s) WebLogic EJBC_WL51 and Properties
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2000 11:42:56 GMT

The attached two tasks are intented to use when developing for the WebLogic
5.1 AppServer. Because both tasks are specific for WebLogic they are placed
in a "weblogic51" subpackage.

The EJBC_WL51 builds EJB jar files for all EJB's found in a specfic
directory tree.

The Properties task can be used to define a filter for "weblogic.ejb.deploy"
property that is stored in the file. Is looks for all
jar files in a specific directory and adds these to the weblogic.ejb.deploy
tag. The Properties task is a subclass of CopyFile. In order to use it you
create a template of the file and then use the
Properties task to copy the template to the real file.

Hope these can be included in the Ant distribution.


Gero Vermaas

Gero Vermaas, Sun Java Center, The Netherlands
Phone:               +31 33 4515737
Sun home page: http://www.holland/~gv103953

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