I'm going to be fleshing out most of the options availalble from weblogic.ejbc in the near future, to make ejbjar a little more flexible. And for those interested, there is an interesting undocumented argument which is:

which allows you to invoke a compiler in jvm for faster execution!

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I tried this for myself today with the following code in

        private void buildWeblogicJar(File sourceJar, File destJar) {
                org.apache.tools.ant.taskdefs.Java javaTask = null;
                try {
                        String args = "-noexit " + sourceJar.getPath() + " "
+ destJar.getPath();
                        String compiler =
                        if (compiler != null)
                                args = "-compiler " + compiler + " " + args;

This works fine.

Another nice-to-have feature would be to build ejb jars that contain more
than one ejb.


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> Betreff: Using Jikes with ejbjar
> We'd like to be able to use jikes with ejbjar. Given the
> speed difference,
> I expect others might want this option as well. An obvious
> approach would
> be to add a "compiler" attribute. Otherwise, the task could check the
> value of "build.compiler" -- just like the javac task does.
> Great job on ant and ejbjar!
> --Thayer Robins
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