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From (Patrick Beard)
Subject Re: JShell, ant and jlink
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2000 02:55:23 GMT
At 10:01 PM -0400 7/31/00, Matthew Kuperus Heun wrote:
>It appears that I'm travelling down some paths that you've already 
>tread.  I just signed up on ant-dev and was pleased to find you 
>there.  JShell is looking more and more attractive, and I'm 
>considering moving over to using it, chiefly because of the tools 
>that can be run there.  I have a few questions.
>(1)  Have you successfully been using ant in JShell?  Are there some 
>pointers that you could give me for setting that up?  (No ant 
>command is included in the distribution of JShell that I have.)

Yes, I've been hacking a little bit to make ant run smoothly in 
JShell. I'm planning on including a build of ant in the next release 
of JShell. For now,  here's a URL where you can download ant.jxe:

>(2) I'm looking for a tool that will merge the contents of a 
>"library" jar file with .class files that I want to put into a jar. 
>Will jlink do this?  Where can I find some details on jlink?

Yes, I wrote jlink expressly for this purpose, out of frustration 
with the jar tool. It can merge multiple directories (starting from 
top level of each directory given), .jar files, and individual files 
(at top-level of resulting output file) into a single output .jar 
file. Here's the usage text:

usage: jlink output input1 ... inputN

All of the sources to JShell are browsable online starting here:

jlink sources are here:

- Patrick

// Patrick C. Beard
// Java Runtime Enthusiast -- "Will invoke interfaces for food."

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