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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Pattern based Junit tests
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2000 11:23:11 GMT
>>>>> "JM" == Jeff Martin <> writes:

 JM> This is a patch which adds a new subtask called batchtest to the
 JM> junit task.

I'm in the course of rewriting most of the JUnit stuff at the moment,
I'm going to include the functionality but will base it on the
include/exclude mechanism like the one for filesets. I.e.

<batchtest dir="${java.src}>
  <include name="**/test_*.java" />

is this OK?

Other things I'm going to change:

* add if and unless attributes to test (and possibly batchtest?). Should
behave like the ones for targets and include/exclude.

* remove the string "default" from the attributes of JUnit.

* remove printxml everywhere (see <formatter> below). Remove
printsummary from <test>.

* remove defaultoutfile. All this does is hand a default filename to
the XML Formatter - which we should do anyway if the user want XML
output and doesn't specify a filename.

* add a nested <formatter> tag, both to <junit> as well as to <test>
(and <batchtest>?).

  <formatter type="xml">

will do the same as defaultprintxml did.

  <formatter type="plain">

will produce plain text files with the same content the XML files had.

  <formatter classname="my.own.Formatter" />

will use my.own.Formatter, which must implement

What do you think of these ideas? Did I remove something that will
break your setup - and doesn't provide a different way to achieve the


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