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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] make Execute take advantage of 1.3's CWD support
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2000 09:34:44 GMT
Thanks for the patch Jesse.

>>>>> "JG" == Jesse Glick <> writes:

 JG> It should also correct a bug in ExecTask that antRun was used
 JG> even when no 'dir' attribute was given (the working directory did
 JG> not need to be set at all).

Here I disagree.

Whenever we specify a file or directory, we assume them to be relative
to the project's basedir. Following this line of thought I interpret a
missing dir attribute as "use the basedir" - which may very well be
something other than user.dir. If it happens to be the same, we don't
change the directory anyway.

 JG> Previous code had this:

 JG>     private static String antWorkingDirectory = (new File((new File(".")).getAbsolutePath())).getParent();

 JG> (Written by Mariusz.) I've replaced that with
 JG> System.getProperty("user.dir") which is defined from JDK 1.1 to
 JG> give the intended result, so hopefully the older code was not a
 JG> workaround for an obscure broken JDK.

Actually you have to blame me, not Mariusz. I'm not sure, that
user.dir holds an absolute path on every JDK. I hope it does - as I've
commited you patch.

 JG> Two other thoughts about using antRun (not antRun.bat, only the
 JG> POSIX version):

I hadn't looked into the script before - I'd like to add another

If I happen to have a script /tmp/, antRun will invoke this
script instead of /usr/bin/ls for

<exec dir="/tmp" executable="ls" />

which is not what I'd expect - quite the opposite, there is a reason I
don't have . in my PATH.

Any objections against dropping this behavior?


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