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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] make Execute take advantage of 1.3's CWD support
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2000 14:00:09 GMT
>>>>> "JG" == Jesse Glick <> writes:

 JG> However, if the "dir" attribute is simply omitted, then it does
 JG> not make any attempt to change the working directory with the
 JG> understanding that you don't care--if you need the command to be
 JG> run in any particular directory, you should pass e.g. dir=".". I
 JG> presume you intend that a missing dir should instead equal
 JG> dir="." and that this is why you did not commit the change to
 JG> ExecTask.

I don't think anybody has defined it this way or the other. Your
interpretation might be even closer to the intent of the original
authors (dir was listed as a required attribute in the docs, but this
was not enforced by the task).

What do others think? If the user omits the dir attribute, does that
mean "I don't care" or "use basedir"?

 JG> Stefan Bodewig wrote:

 >> I'm not sure, that user.dir holds an absolute path on every JDK. I
 >> hope it does

 JG> I hope so too...if it does *not* hold an absolute path, then it
 JG> would be pretty tautological.



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