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From Brian Leonard <>
Subject problem with commandlines
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2000 20:00:58 GMT
I started to build one of the other Jakarta projects when it puked at the
javadoc section.  I've tracked it down to the fact that arguments with
spaces in them don't get quoted, so things like docTitle="Test Arg" confuse
javadoc (and I'm assuming every other command that parses args the same
way).  I'm guessing this isn't a problem on windows, but my unix machine
doesn't like it.

Seems they should be quoted in
  ... types.Commandline.Argument.setValue(String)
The toString() method of Commandline does the right thing, but it never gets
called.  I'd be happy to add it myself, as I could just steal what's there
already in toString().


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