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Subject RE: Cascading build.xml files
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2000 13:22:30 GMT

That's true in the 1.1 release, but in the CVS version, the property
subelements of the ant task will override any existing properties in both
the parent project and the subproject.  Someone on the ant-user list (my
appologies for not remembering who) discovered this behaviour, and it was
verified in a fairly recent CVS version.  So far, the consensus is to leave
this behaviour alone and not change it back to the 1.1 style, but there
really hasn't been much discussion.

Glenn McAllister
TID - Software Developer - VisualAge for Java
IBM Toronto Lab, (416) 448-3805
"An approximate answer to the right question is better than the
right answer to the wrong question." - John W. Tukey

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Subject:        RE: Cascading build.xml files

Looks good to me, but I would point out that the properties for the
are not conditional on the location in the file or target. What I've
discovered (I've setup something similar to what you describe in your file)
is that <property ... /> is processed before the targets no matter where in
the file. So unless you specify subproject unique properties they will get
ignored later on in the same file or in subprojects. Something to keep in

   <target name="SubProject1" depends="prepare">
       <ant antfile="${src.dir}/SubProject1/Build.xml"
>>>> Get processed no matter what <<<<<
           <!-- Property definitions here to pass to the subproject -->


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