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From Frank Nestel <>
Subject Missing feature?
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2000 13:06:17 GMT

please reply directly since I'm not in this discussion list. I'm
in to many lsits :-)

See the following scenario: I have two tasks A and B. Actually I like
them both separated, but actually task B also has to be executed after
finishing A. I.e. A is not dependand on B, but B is kind of cleanup
A. Is there a way to avoid a wrapper task A' which depends on A and
B, to avoid duplicating the rules of B in A? If not I'd like to suggest
task like
    <build target=""/>
to allow convenient handling of this situations. I realize that ant does fairly similar, but I'd like to avoid calling ant with the same
recursive. I also like to have most tasks in a build file to be meaning
ful for the user and not only to be wrapped...

Thank you,

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