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From Roger Vaughn <>
Subject New CAB Task, Take 3: Are we there yet?
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2000 17:51:45 GMT
This now includes support for nested filesets as well as supporting the traditional matching
params.  Only one style or the other is allowed in a single task.

Roger Vaughn wrote:

> Ok, here it is.  The new and improved Cab task.
> This is still derived from MatchingTask - this still makes the most
> sense to me even though an external executable is invoked.  I didn't
> want to expose the Exec* properties, so I used an instance of ExecTask
> as a delegate instead.  IOW, I've got full reuse and the interface I
> want.  I also threw in a couple new features while I was at it.
> Here's the docs.
> The cab task creates Microsoft cab archive files.  It is invoked similar
> to the jar or zip tasks.  This task will only work on Windows, and will
> be silently ignored on other platforms.  You must have the Microsoft cabarc tool available
> in your executable path.

> Required parameters:
> - cabfile: the name of the cab file to create.
> - basedir: the directory to start archiving files from.
> Optional parameters:
> - verbose: set to "yes" if you want to see the output from the cabarc
> tool.  defaults to "no".
> - compress: set to "no" to store files without compressing.  defaults to
> "yes".
> - options: use to set additional command-line options for the cabarc
> tool.  should not normally be necessary.
> The cab task also supports the full set of MatchingTask parameters
> including "includes", "excludes", and "defaultexcludes".
> Roger Vaughn

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