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From Sebastien Pierre <>
Subject Re: Utah
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2000 16:19:55 GMT
Eugen Kuleshov wrote:
> > Most of the recent editors to come out are starting to acknowledge that XML
> > has powerful uses that aren't 1:1 compatible with DTDs. For example, the new
> > XMetal allows creating XML docs that don't have a DTD.
>   of course it's not a problem to create XML without DTD. But for
> authomatical generetion or validation or XSLT transformation better if
> we will have DTD. It also maid simplier writing specialized editor for
> Utah's build.xml

For example having a DTD could help automatically building a user
interface using the DTD (I have a prototype of a Java tool that
generates a whole UI from a bunch of XML files).
[I would suggest that task create their own subset of the "And DTD",
like a getElementsDeclaration() that would return a string or a

For me DTDs are very important, and are quite fast. The only real
problem is that they do not really support namespaces.

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