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From Eugen Kuleshov <>
Subject Re: Utah
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2000 02:20:43 GMT
James Duncan Davidson wrote:
> > I've read your document whiteboard\utah\design guide.xml from current
> > Ant snapshot. There are great ideas.
> Actually, the Utah stuff is superceed by the "spec" document which is also
> in the repository. But thanks ! :)
> > But I have just small comment. How
> > about create DTD for build.xml file. It helps to validate build.xml
> > strucrure and make much simplier creating GUI tools for managing
> > build.xml
> By design, the build.xml file can't have a DTD that works in all case. The
> structure would have to change. There is a tool in the current distribution
> that lets you build a DTD from a set of tasks that will work.

  wich tool?
> Most of the recent editors to come out are starting to acknowledge that XML
> has powerful uses that aren't 1:1 compatible with DTDs. For example, the new
> XMetal allows creating XML docs that don't have a DTD.

  of course it's not a problem to create XML without DTD. But for
authomatical generetion or validation or XSLT transformation better if
we will have DTD. It also maid simplier writing specialized editor for
Utah's build.xml
> In any case, please continue this conversation on the Ant-Dev mailing list.
> I don't really like having technical discussions on Ant outside of that
> forum. :)



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