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From Roger Vaughn <>
Subject Re: FTP & JSPC
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2000 13:35:54 GMT
I put together an ftpput task some weeks ago using NetComponents from OROInc.  I
have attached it for your use.

Use it like this:

  <ftpput localname="filename" remotename="filename" server="ftp.server"
userid="me" password="mypass" binary="yes|no"/>

"binary" is the only optional parameter and defaults to yes.  I know the
clear-text password is a huge security hole, but this was a quick job - and I
only use restricted accounts in the context anyway.  If anyone can suggest a
simple, secure way to do this, I'm all ears.

This task currently only does single files - it does not support copydir-like

BTW - Apache guys - I'm donating this to the project if you want it.  If it ends
up in the library, I don't have to maintain my diffs.  :-)  Here are the lines
to add to the build.xml:

    In target check_for_optional_packages:
    <available property="ftp.present" classname=""

    In target compile:
    <exclude name="**/FTP*.java" unless="ftp.present" />

Roger Vaughn

Walker Joe wrote:

> Hi,
> At a rough guess this must have been asked 100 times already, but there is
> not FAQ that I can see that answers it.
> Are there any plans for <ftp srcdir="..." destdir="..." />
> I guess even a <copydir method="ftp" ... /> could be possible.
> ?
> I've not seen anything and I guess that is not up to the job so
> it would mean using some other FTP classes, which maybe why it's not been
> done already.
> I'm tempted to write this but it must have been debated before?
> I'm also tempted to write something to call tomcat's jspc process. Anyone
> tried this?
> Joe.
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