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From Walker Joe <>
Subject Prototype JspcTask
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2000 07:43:18 GMT


Attached is my prototype JspcTask. It does work, but there are restrictions,
and right now it is not much better than using <exec command=" ... />

There are 2 jobs to be done.

Make it inherit from MatchingTask (not sure if the name is right - I didn't
spend too long playing)
The real problem behind <exec command=" ... /> is that is recompiles
all the source all the time, and that kicks off every other build task in
Where is the best place to start? I had a look at JavacTask and RmicTask but
it wasn't obvious what I needed and what was only relevant to javac. Or are
there some good docs somewhere?

More importantly, sort out some complex CLASSPATH issues.

There are 2 modes in the code below, fork="[true|false]". The reason is that
jspc requires jasper.jar to be in the ANT classpath, and jasper.jar requires
the tomcat webserver.jar, which in turn requires servlet.jar.
Now all this would be OK (if a little topsy) EXCEPT the whole reason to use
jspc for me is to have JSPs working on servlet 2.0 engines, requiring a
different servlet.jar. Foom.

Can anyone think of a better solution than my fork hack?


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