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From David W Forslund <>
Subject RE: <arg>
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2000 14:12:00 GMT
The reason is fairly simple.   When a single environment variable is
used for an exec task, all the environment must passed.  If you only
want to add to CLASSPATH, you have to know what to use for PATH, when
you have no intent to change it.  Otherwise, there is no PATH variable
in the environment as a side effect of changing some other environment


Nelson, Laird writes:
 > > -----Original Message-----
 > > From: Conor MacNeill []
 > > Java itself does not make the current path available. Perhaps 
 > > it is too
 > > platform-specific a concept. For ant to "know" the value of 
 > > the system path,
 > > it would need to be told explicitly.
 > Furthermore, why would you ever want to rely on the PATH environment
 > variable in the first place?  Then you don't know what you're building with.
 > Cheers,
 > Laird

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