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From "Cory Wandling" <>
Subject Re: problem with commandlines
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2000 20:53:04 GMT
Try using single quotes around the value and then double quotes to take are
of the imbedded space

<exec dir=' "c:\This is a long file name"\file.txt' >

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From: Brian Leonard <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 09, 2000 3:00 PM
Subject: problem with commandlines

> I started to build one of the other Jakarta projects when it puked at the
> javadoc section.  I've tracked it down to the fact that arguments with
> spaces in them don't get quoted, so things like docTitle="Test Arg"
> javadoc (and I'm assuming every other command that parses args the same
> way).  I'm guessing this isn't a problem on windows, but my unix machine
> doesn't like it.
> Seems they should be quoted in
>   ... types.Commandline.Argument.setValue(String)
> The toString() method of Commandline does the right thing, but it never
> called.  I'd be happy to add it myself, as I could just steal what's there
> already in toString().
> -bl

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