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From "Christopher Elkins" <>
Subject Re: Suggestion for new commandline switch -targets
Date Sun, 13 Aug 2000 20:58:42 GMT
> Hi,
> In the attached version of there are some simple modifications
> which make ant recognize a -targets option.
> This will print out a list of all the targets available in the selected
> build-file. It is meant as some sort of documentation on what the build-file
> can do. Execution is suppressed.
> Do you guys like this suggestion, and if so, how do I go about incorporating
> it in ant?
First, you should submit your patch in diff form
<>. It makes it much easier to

Second, I think this would be a useful addition. Many ant-using projects create
their own targets (e.g., "usage") to provide similar functionality as your
patch. Standardizing such behavior would be a very good thing.

However, not all targets in a build file are suitable and/or relevant for
calling from the command-line. For example, calling the "prepare" target in
jakarta-ant/build.xml from the command-line would have limited utility.
Therefore, it might be useful to add an attribute to the <target> tag that
allowed one to specify whether that target should be output in

> Regards,
> Marcel Schutte

Christopher Elkins

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