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From Russell Gold <>
Subject Re: Working Directory Woes ... or Not ?
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2000 18:37:05 GMT
At 10:33 PM -0400 7/4/00, Peter Donald wrote:
>Can someone point out where my stupidity lies here :P. I was under the
>impression that working directory was impossible to set in java. However
>recently I have been playing with
>System.setProperty("user.dir","someotherdirectory") and everything seems to
>work !!! hmmm The only problems occured when I used relative paths. So what
>I did at the begining of my program was resolve any relative paths to
>absolute paths. This means you have to resolve some system properties (ie 
>"java.class.path") and also some internal paths inside the program. 
>So all my tests seem to work but I have always been under impression this
>is impossible and have had several knowledgable people preach at me that it
>was impossible. So have I missed something ????
>If I haven't missed anything this could be implemented in ant no ? Then we
>would no longer have to set ant home because everything could be done via
>class-loaders and this no ? (Except for rare occasions when need to change
>security manager, connection factory or whatever multiple times for
>different tasks).

My question is: who told you that it was impossible? The only way that Java knows what its
home directory *is* by reading the user.dir property. What you have done is exactly right
and really out to be an easier (and relatively platform independant) way to implement the
"java" task - which in this case would NOT probably be a subclass of the exec task. Of course,

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