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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Take 2: Problem: Using Jikes on NT with spaces in working directory
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2000 07:05:06 GMT
>>>>> "CtH" == Colin 't Hart <> writes:

 CtH> I made the following changes to Ant to allow compilation using
 CtH> Jikes when spaces exist in paths:

I had deliberately omitted that change when I modified javac yesterday.

The class Jikes calls the compiler jikes via Runtime.exec(String[]). I
was under the assumption that this method guaranteed that spaces
inside args won't cause problems (as the args have been splited

I'm quite sure this works as expected (by me) under Unix and wanted to
investigate where your problem stems from first. Is it Jikes that is
doing some strange argument processing of its own or is it Java on
Windows that's not doing the right thing.

As I'm not a Windows guy at all - otherwise I had taken a look at the
patch to Exec to support Win98 BTW - I cannot check for the second
option and unfortunately haven't found time to check Jikes+classpath
with spaces+Linux yet.

If nobody else steps in I might find some time by the end of this


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