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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Set project based excludes?
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2000 12:56:36 GMT
>>>>> "CT" == Cuong Tran <> writes:

 CT>   I find it convenient to be able to change the default excludes
 CT> or set the exclude list for the entire project.  Can we add this
 CT> feature?  It requires changes to some of the core classes.

Cuong, please take a look at the changes I've just committed. This
adds patternset and patternsetref nested elements to FileSet and

The way they are supposed to work:

  <patternset id="the_helper_files">
    <include name="**/*.properties" />
    <include name="**/*.txt" />
  <exclude name="**/1.txt" />

    <exclude name="**/*.java" />
  <patternsetref refid="the_helper_files" />

this will automatically add the patterns of set the_helper_files to

What's still missing of course is a way to define sets like these
outside of a task to get global (property like) sets.

I'm planning to do similar things for path structures and
filesets. Documentation will follow.


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