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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: TimeStamp dependent target execution
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 10:19:51 GMT
>>>>> "MS" == Marius Scurtescu <> writes:

 MS> The only observation would be that automatically adding the
 MS> source file to the command line is hazardous.

I see what you mean. As I said, I was just developing the idea as I

I have no idea how to make that easier to write/read, your idea of
magic property names would work but I'd prefer to see something
different - without properties or patterns would be the best of course

I've been meaning to split up the command part anyway, make nested
elements from them to remove the problems spaces inside args would
make etc.

<transform command="jade">
  <arg text="-t" />
  <arg text="rtf" />

you get the idea?

Maybe you could place the source and dest elements right between those
arg elements - just where you'd specify source and destination on the
command line?

 >> The last part (pattern stuff) needs a bit of thought ...

 MS> The matching mechanism should provide a one-to-one pairing
 MS> between the elements of two sets.

Yes, that what I had in mind. I guess regular expressions would solve
almost all possible matching problems on earth but could make simple
problems rather difficult to express - *.java is a lot easier than
.*\.java$ to a lot of people.


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