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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: TimeStamp dependent target execution
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2000 10:19:23 GMT
>>>>> "GM" == glennm  <> writes:

 GM> The feel I've gotten over the past couple of months is that many
 GM> of the main developers on this project don't want Ant to become
 GM> another programing language

Trust your feelings 8^).

What Marius suggests is something different though. He proposes
another available like task that just sets a property and builds upon
the already introduced infrastructure of target-if and
MatchingTask.NameEntry-if and -unless.

I have another idea to solve the same problem - see other post. Other
than that, I don't see why something like obsolete should be
considered more evil than available.

They've been invented for different purposes of course - available is
there to allow highly modular projects to be built from a single
buildfile, while obsolete is there to move responsibility outside of
tasks. But I've already seen available being "abused" for similar
things (create a file if something has changed, use available to check
whether the file is there and only run the target when it is).


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