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From "Tim Fennell" <>
Subject RE: Optional EJB tasks (was RE: Subpackages of ...taskdefs.optional)
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2000 11:28:06 GMT
Okay, here is the code. I hope people don't mind the attachment, but it's
quite large!

If this is useful to anyone, I'd love some feedback on the utility of some
things I am thinking of doing with it:

- Change from having the main class implement DocumentHandler to having an
inner class and using the javax.xml pluggability instead of
- Splitting into two classes: main EJB1.1 scanner with a callback Task
mechanism for registering the appserver(s) proprietary tools, this way the
bulk of the work, assembling the jar in the first place, could be used by
any EJB1.1. task. Any better ideas?
- Changing the naming standard reliance for the WL descriptors (right now,
must be beanName-weblogic-ejb-jar.xml) to be based on the original
deployment descriptor with some simply pattern matching (e.g. you specificy
upto the first '-' or something like that). This would allow more flexible
naming, and also package or multi-package jars not just single-bean jars.


ps. This is the task from my current build.xml:

  <target name="ejbs" depends="classes">
    <ejbgen srcdir="${destDir}"

-----Original Message-----
From: Wolfgang Werner []
Sent: Wednesday, July 05, 2000 07:11
Subject: AW: Optional EJB tasks (was RE: Subpackages of

> On the topic of EJB tasks, has anyone written anything for EJB1.1 and/or
> Weblogic 5.1?
> If not, then I'd like to offer up what I have. I hava an EJB task that
> inherits from directory scanner, scans for deployment descriptors and
> assembles the EJB1.1 jars from the contents of the descriptor
> (XML only, not
> the 1.0 serialized classes), then optionally calls weblogic's ejbc. Works
> very well for me, and now I can have only one task for all of my EJBs. It
> should also be really easy to extend to call other vendors' compilers.
> Is there any interest? If so then I'll post the code here (I
> assume this is
> the right forum?).
Great! I'm working with WLS 5.1 and use currently only
java - tasks to assemple things. Please post your stuff!

I'm sure that on this list are others who try to generate
a neutral EJB support task / and or working on simmilar

open source works!

Wolfgang Werner

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