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Subject [PATCH] logging cleanup
Date Sun, 02 Jul 2000 01:47:38 GMT
(See attached file: patch.jar)

Here's a patch that cleans up some of the output generated by Ant. I've
made the following changes:
     * Moved the rest of the "System.out.println" code in over to
     * Cleaned up the default output to be a little more readable, by
putting blank lines between targets and aligning the message part of each
log statement.
     * Added a System.exit() call in main() to avoid dumping a stack trace
for every single error. Other tools that want to invoke Ant without exiting
can still call new Main(args).runBuild().
     * Changed the Javac task back to logging each line as it's generated.
I've created a generic TaskOutputStream to replace JavacOutputStream, which
is designed to be usable in any task.

Here's how the new output looks when building ant itself. Let me know if
you think it's an improvement or not...

D:\jakarta-ant>build clean main
Buildfile: build.xml

  [Deltree] Deleting: D:\build\ant
  [Deltree] Deleting: D:\dist\ant

    [Mkdir] Created dir: D:\build\ant


    [Mkdir] Created dir: D:\build\ant\classes
    [Javac] Compiling 65 source files to D:\build\ant\classes
  [Copydir] Copying 2 files to D:\build\ant\classes
  [Copydir] Copying 1 files to D:\build\ant\classes

      [Jar] Building jar: D:\jakarta-ant\lib\ant.jar



Total time: 18 seconds
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