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From "Anthony Cotton" <>
Subject Ant not compiling
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2000 12:46:25 GMT
Hi all,

I'm a new ant user with the following problem: ant executes with all the
right messages but no compilation takes place. Downloaded tomcat 1.3 on NT 4
(already had JDK1.3 and understand ant comes with Tomcat), installed, set-up
source directory structure to conform to pattern required by ant's
build.bat. Checked build.xml and build.bat and executed BUILD ALL which
resulted in ant execution with everything looking good (directory builds,
etc.) except no class files were created in my destination directory even
though the message COMPILING... and PERFORMING A MODERN COMPILE... appeared.

Thought maybe full ant was not included with Tomcat so downloaded,
installed and set ANT_HOME and executed ANT rather than build.bat... still
same problem.
I'm no java newbie but I looked in the latest ant source and the
doModernCompile() method seems to be empty except for the message I'm

Any suggestions or specific reference materials I cna look to for help?


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