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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: Using old ant.jar in build.bat?
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 00:21:28 GMT
> In other words:
> - If you are a user: press 1
> - If you promise to develop code for ANT: press 2, 3, 4, 5
> - If you are a user but like to have the code arround: press 1 and 2
> - If you trying to convice your sysadmin to use ANT: pray that he does not
> want to download the surce code himself.
> Does this makes any sense?
> What is so difficult about having these few jars under CVS?
> If the Apache experience is any good example, a lot of people
> download the sources and compile them themselves even though
> they have no plans what so ever of modifying the code.
> Why would it be ten times more difficult for these people than
> for those downloading the binaries only?

If you download an Apache module, do you expect it to include the Apache
source code necessary to build it? To build the module you have to put all
the pieces in place. As another example look at Would you expect all of these libraries to be
in PHP's CVS tree? My point is that for many things you install and build on
your system there are dependencies which you need to satisfy.

If a sysadmin decided to install and build ant themselves I would expect
them to read the ant documentation.

    System Requirements

      To build and use ant you must have a JAXP compliant
      XML parser installed and available on your classpath.

      If you do not have a JAXP compliant XML parser installed,
      you may use the reference implementation available from Sun.
      It is available from Once installed
      make sure the "jaxp.jar" and "parser.jar" files are in your

      You will also need the JDK installed on your system,
      version 1.1 or later.

Is this "ten times more difficult"?

BTW I put this section into the doco so people would be aware of the
dependencies. It probably needs to be updated in light of the bundling of
the jaxp stuff with the binary distribution. If this section is not a good
idea, let us know and we can change it. Also, in the future it should
probably point people to Xerxes.



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