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From "Ken Liu" <>
Subject RE: Question re: jaxp.jar and parser.jar
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 00:45:00 GMT
Personally, I think it would be simple and nice if the VM would pick up any
jar files in your classpath rather than you having to specify explicitly the
filename of the jar file in there.  That way, you could just dump all your
jar files into a /lib directory, point your classpath to it, and that would
be it.

Doesn't the JVM always know where your java.* classes are (since 1.2)?  I
under the impression that it did.


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> From: James Sieben (EUS) []
> Sent: Monday, July 10, 2000 8:47 AM
> To: ''
> Subject: RE: Question re: jaxp.jar and parser.jar
> <rant>
> I am sorely disappointed with the manner in which "optional packages",
> "standard extensions", or just someone else's class library is added to my
> Java installation.
> Constantly futzing with extremely long classpaths is just gross.
> Every time
> I go to run a project that uses "external" JARs, I scream because
> I have to
> set up classpaths and such. WHY can't the JVM ALWAYS know the classpath to
> the system classes (java.*, the standard classes?) I don't understand why
> settiing -classpath should make the stupid JVM forget where to find the
> important classes. It just plain sucks.

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