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From "Wolfgang Werner" <>
Subject AW: Optional EJB tasks (was RE: Subpackages of ...taskdefs.optional)
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2000 11:10:44 GMT
> On the topic of EJB tasks, has anyone written anything for EJB1.1 and/or
> Weblogic 5.1?
> If not, then I'd like to offer up what I have. I hava an EJB task that
> inherits from directory scanner, scans for deployment descriptors and
> assembles the EJB1.1 jars from the contents of the descriptor 
> (XML only, not
> the 1.0 serialized classes), then optionally calls weblogic's ejbc. Works
> very well for me, and now I can have only one task for all of my EJBs. It
> should also be really easy to extend to call other vendors' compilers.
> Is there any interest? If so then I'll post the code here (I 
> assume this is
> the right forum?).
Great! I'm working with WLS 5.1 and use currently only 
java - tasks to assemple things. Please post your stuff!

I'm sure that on this list are others who try to generate
a neutral EJB support task / and or working on simmilar

open source works!

Wolfgang Werner

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