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From Jeff Martin <>
Subject RE: The new SQLExec task
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2000 09:03:52 GMT
I think it makes sense to allow people to use the ; in the text attribute as
it makes it a bit easier to cut and paste from other files. I can't see a
really need to having multiple statement blocks other than for neatness
(using the src attribute is obviously the tidiest), unless we make them
conditional on the success of previous statements. That's going to get a bit
complex I would have thought.

		-----Original Message-----
		From:	Stefan Bodewig []
		Sent:	25 July 2000 09:00
		Subject:	Re: The new SQLExec task

		>>>>> "CM" == Conor MacNeill <>

		 >> (1) Remove the sql attribute and add a addText(String)
		 >> making the task accept #PCDATA. So

		 CM> I actually added that bit so you could so things
without needing
		 CM> an external file. No objections to you changing that.
		 CM> semicolon processing is not presently part of the sql
		 CM> handling so you would need to add that, 

		I thought about moving the processing to a
		method that would be called with a FileReader or
		depending on circumstances.

		 CM> or have a nested element approach such as <sql>
		 CM> <statement> </sql>

		 CM> This removes the delimiter processing which might be

		I have a strong RDBMS background and putting a ; at the end
of my SQL
		statements is more than natural for me - and you would need
		processing for files anyway.

		What do others think of this?


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